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On March 28, 2011, in GSB Blog, by Jess

As we sent the book and CD out into the world for its maiden voyage this week, I was filled with hope that many people will take greening their lives and their communities to heart in new ways by coming across inspirational and informational songs in this book. The books are selling quickly, too! We can hardly keep enough on hand. This is encouraging because it means we are ready to sing out our convictions for ourselves and our planet.

As the author, I have been learning so much in the process of accumulating and learning to sing and play the songs. Some of them give such specific detail about everything from electric cars and wind power to composting and sustainable farming. The lyrics hold a great amount of wisdom. Pete Seeger's "My Rainbow Race" awakens hope to beat back discouragement in the face of great obstacles. We sure are facing those now. John and Johanna Hall's song "Power" deals head on with the terrible danger of nuclear power- something our whole planet is now paying for very dearly but none as dear as our brothers and sisters in Japan. When they wrote "I know lives are at stake, yours and mine and our descendents in time," they knew we were running a terrible risk by relying on nuclear power.

During the writing of this book and recording of the CD, I allowed every single song in the collection to resonate with me and move deeply into my consciousness- all except the funny ones like Dan Crrow's "Zuccini Song" and Tom Chapin's "Good Garbage" which provided awesome comic relief!

Which songs will you love? Which will you share? Which will spur you to action of some kind? Which will you share with children? Tell us about Eco Songs that are special to you on our Blog.

For the last two weeks, the teachers in my GITC training classes have been learning and playing "Electric Car Song." We are just loving it! Nancy Schimmel's lyrics are informative, clever, and positive.

I hope you'll post about your experiences with these songs and others not in the collection because we can all learn from what you write. We are becoming more and more of an eco-community everyday and this blog is intended to help you connect with one another, share valuable ideas and discoveries, and to put you in touch with all the amazing people who helped make The Green Songbook. We'll be hearing from many of them at this website.

Wishing you peace, abundance, and the courage and discipline to act upon your convictions,