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Since 1998, GITC has been making music a meaningful part of learning every day & helping children- and teachers- achieve their academic and personal goals & dreams. We train classroom teachers, aids, specialists, and parent volunteers to lead music in Pre-k through 8th grade classrooms, nationwide Our work brings music making, creativity, and effective academic instruction to students of all ages by training their teachers to get creative! We teach them to play guitar, sing, lead classrooms in singing, write lyrics for learning, and lead student songwriting as a part of lessons across the academic spectrum.

Teachers learn to integrate music in ways that reach every kind of student while unlocking their imagination, increasing understanding, instilling memorization, giving a huge boost to language skills and developing children’s character & the classroom community. Music is this powerful of a teaching medium. As far as children are concerned, there simply is nothing more exciting in a classroom than music! Put to good use, it has the capacity to make learning everything easier and more fun. For this reason- that it motivates children to fully participate- and because the lesson content is embedded in unforgettable songs- their grades go up and their test scores improve.

Teachers in our programs find that, In training to be music leaders, they become beginners again and this brings them closer to their students. They become more empathic and more patient as their students see them try, practice, err, ask forgiveness, & try again. Together the teachers and students become partners in learning. Sharing the music builds trust, reduces anxiety, & improves the students’ attention, motivation, conduct & cooperation. Special needs students & English Language Learners achieve remarkable success.

As schools have been eliminating music programs in order to cut costs, many students are left with little or no access to music-making unless classroom teachers have a way to lead it. With so much emphasis placed on testing, their time to teach anything other than the three Rs is scarce, indeed. GITC gives them a way to integrate music as a part of teaching the three Rs and every other subject, too. But how are they to learn to lead when training resources are so scarce? In several states, school budgets are so decimated that professional development has been completely eliminated and teachers are being forced to take “furlough days.”

This is where GITC comes in. Our free ongoing programs provide teachers with the training and tools they desperately need and have no other way to acquire; as a non-profit, this work involves all of us who care about music, education, culture, and children- every one of us- to help solve this problem together in a way that will create an enduring and positive improvement. Training the teachers means all children will have the opportunity to make music and to learn- at the same time, including those attending low income, Title 1 schools which make up the majority of those we serve. When teachers train with GITC for a year, they train for a lifetime. For every year they stay in the classroom, there are, on average, another 100-500 students who receive the well-documented benefits of learning to make music. There is no better formula. This is why we say “Train a teacher and inspire a generation.”

For more information about Guitars in the Classroom, please visit www.guitarsintheclassroom.org and stay updated on Facebook and Twitter.


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