Chapter 4

Healthy Habitats

The Introduction to Chapter 4 was written by Jessica Anne Baron.

Jessica Anne Baron

Jessica Anne Baron

Jessica Anne Baron founded and serves as Executive Director for Guitars in the Classroom, an organization that brings music making to education by integrating singing, strumming and songwriting with learning throughout the school day and across the curriculum. Jessica created the first developmental guitar instruction method and she has written six groundbreaking books in the field of music education. She passionately believes that we are all unique musical beings with individual pathways we must find and follow to learn to make music. Jess spent years in California teaching music in schools and working as a human development educator and educational therapist after receiving her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. That study combined with a fascination with how we learn prepared her to create musical programs and curricula that help people become more whole, healthy, and creative. She co-authored the highly successful MusicMakers curriculum for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the International House of Blues Foundation’s Make an Impression guitar program, and her best-selling guitar method, SmartStart Guitar as well as her parenting book, YOUR MUSICAL CHILD: Inspiring Kids to Play and Sing for Keeps. The Green Songbook marks her seventh, and Guitars in the Classroom’s first official publication. Jess lives in Encinitas, California with her son, Eli.






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